Happy Independence Day (Well…. if you are American!) – Apps are going on sale this week!

Hi all – I am back from a two week stint at Band Camp. This time around though I was doing all the video and am now deep into the next five days of editing all that video and learning Final Cut Pro BUT…. I wanted to make sure you were aware of several good sales going on currently…

Notion and StudioOne are at 30% off currently – and this includes upgrades!

DrumKick is currently FREE and a heck of a lot of fun! Get BOTH the phone AND the iPad versions for optimal fun as the phone can be stuck into your sock and you now have an instant kick drum!!!!
DrumKick for iPad
DrumKick for iPhone

Olympia Noise Co Apps – 
Patterning $9.99 > $5.99 – THE drum machine app that is the funnest! (Go away English teachers!)
Chordion $4.99 > $2.99
Ribbons $5.99 > $2.99
dot Melody $4.99 > $1.99

Uri Machmias –
Sonic Logic has just had a wonderful update! Use this app is you want to control other music apps – be it on your iPad or even on your desktop AND it works via bluetooth too!

OK – back to editing video!


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