My Thoughts on Yearly Subscriptions for Apps/Software as an Educator.

I’ve just got to share my feedback I just sent to a software company about their model of using subscriptions for their app. As an educator of 25 years I do NOT see subscriptions as a benefit in any way shape or form.


I have one thing I’d like to share….

I fully appreciate your need to make money as a business but your model of a yearly subscription simply does not fit into an educational setting. There are so many variables we have to deal with from year to year and it is very difficult to tell whether or not we will have the $ to renew our subscription! The worst fear I have is to make a decision to use your software and then find out the $ is not there to renew so then we are left dead in the water because our software is no longer working! I HAVE to know that the investment I make this year is good for more than just the next 365 days!

I do indeed pay frequently for yearly updates to software which in essence is the same as your yearly subscription BUT the difference is that I can choose to NOT upgrade and still be left with working software when I have to skip a year.

Just some feedback from an educator….”

and then I signed it and hit the send button. I have not much hope of making a difference but I am seeing SO many companies/developers going to the subscription based model that I had to put in my two cents.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Yearly Subscriptions for Apps/Software as an Educator.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like in a school system where you rely on someone else’s pocket book and budget decisions. What I also notice from subscriptions is that they offer so much that I don’t take advantage of as I’d like. I’d rather pay as I go and add more when I need it. Hopefully developers will listen?

    1. I like the adding more as I go thing too although sometimes that gets to be a pain as well if I don’t know ahead of time that what I am paying for isn’t the entire app!

      I AM all for developers adding improvements and then if I want those then I feel I should have to pay additional monies!

  2. Thank you! 100% agree! I feel guilty time again for not jumping on the “technology bandwagon” of many great products and programs that are out there and available. I even feel left out or sometimes as a failure as a teacher because I don’t provide these great options. But I cannot justify spending that amount of money, per seat, every year. I can barely keep my instruments repaired and buy new sheet music every so often. I never comment on posts I read, but I felt I had to today. Even shared your post on social media. Your thoughts speak exactly how I have felt for years…and I have bought the subscriptions in the past and felt I could have spent that money more effectively elsewhere (but would have rather just bought the program outright!)

    1. Thabks for jumping in Kerry – it’s good to know I’m not the only one! Sometimes the subscription isn’t really all that much but other times- eeks!

      NoteFlight and are good examples of reasonable prices – it’s something like $1.50-$2 a year for students to have full access to music notation! Now that’s COOL!

      A bad example is having to pay $200 for software vital to keep running year to year like lights and sound in your Performing Area!

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