Using Doc Scanner Apps to get stuff done. (FREE MUSIC FROM THE MARINE BAND TOO)

Scanner Pro 6 IconOur phones and iPads are such powerful devices these days, well assuming that you have a decent phone anyways! The real question is just what can they do? How can they be leveraged to help us and make our lives easier instead of simply annoying us with all those beeps, buzzes and ringtones.

One way is to use a scanner app like Readdle’s Scanner Pro to make all those documents you have to deal with easier to track.

This app makes quick work of capturing any sort of document  – simply place it on a flat surface with a contrasting background, make sure you have decent lighting and point the phone camera at the document. Within seconds the app finds the edges and automatically snaps a pic. That picture is then turned into a digital document that can be saved as a PDF or jpg and synced almost instantly with a bunch of different services!

So for instance…. I have forms that I am collecting from my band. When a kid hands me the form, I lay it on my desk, open the Scanner Pro app and snap a picture. I then upload it as a PDF to a folder in my DropBox. It’s so fast that if I’m standing right next to my computer the message that it has magically appeared on my laptop pops up almost instantly! It’s SO much faster and neater than trying to walk down the hallway to the scanner and do this. Faster than even messaging it to myself or emailing it to myself.

The scans show up just as good as if I had used normal scanner or the really expensive scanner/copy machine in the teachers workroom.

Here’s another instance where eI used Scanner Pro just this morning – I needed ArtWork for the CD that the Marine Band sent me, for free I might add, of the latest recording from “The Presidents Own Band”. I could’t find a good jpg online as I would normally do. So I opened Scanner Pro and let it do it’s magic. Within seconds that message that there was a new file in my DropBox popped up on my laptop. Faster than trying to launch the messages or mail app on my laptop, find the message and retrieve it from there.

Before I show you the different options/results from the CD ArtWork – I should mention that if you are a music teacher and want the Marine Band to send you some amazing CD’s for FREE then you need to go visit their website! I so appreciate the Marine Band doing this as it is a great resource! They also have all of the John P. Sousa marches recorded along with free downloads of the sheet music as PDF files and even teaching material to go along with the recordings!

Here are some different results from saving the CD ArtWork….

Picture Works Album Art MArine Band Photo from PhoneCam.jpeg
Straight from my iPhone Camera
Picture Works Album Art Marine Band as Photo.jpg
From Scanner Pro saved as a JPG
Picture Studies ArtWork Marine Band as Color Doc pic.jpg
From Scanner Pro – scanned as a Color Document and saved as a JPG



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