Apps the Educator should notice!

There are always SO many apps to wade through and unless you stumble across some of these or someone points you in the right direction you may never find some great ones!

Plus these are all on sale right now!

Screens Small iconScreens VNC – Remote Control Your Computer – $9.99 ($19.99) This is the best app if you want to control your computer. Why would you do this? What about starting and stopping SmartMusic from across the room, starting iTunes from your seat with the trumpet section, or how about being able to hit record while you are standing on the podium ready to start the concert?

Duet Display SmallDuet Display – $9.99 ($19.99) – This is the app you need to turn your iPad/iPhone into an extra screen for your Mac/PC! Even cooler is that it will give us Apple Pencil capabilities ON OUR MAC! What’s even better than that? You know that fancy TouchBar  on the brand new MacBook? Now you too can have one for a mere $10! This is an awesome app for those of us who use notation apps, DAW apps and so many other situations. Fast as can be and many times without any noticeable lag because you hook the iPad up with the cable directly to your laptop!

air-display-3-iconAir Display 3 – $4.99 ($14.99) (This is the lowest price this has EVER been!) This app also turns your iPad/iPhone into an extra display for your Mac/PC. This app also will connect via USB but will ALSO connect wirelessly! Take a look at the featured image – THIS is one reason you should have this app! Or Duet Display.

tweetbot3 iphoneTweetbot 4 – $4.99 ($9.99) – Ya know…. I like the official Twitter app but I like this one even better! (Price only good through Christmas day!)

notability-iconNotability – $6.99 ($9.99) – My best note taking app going back a long ways!

Day One 2 Icon CurvedDay One Journal – $2.99 ($4.99) – As teachers, as human beings, I believe we should be writing about our lives and our experiences. This gives us a chance to look back later to remember and to re-experience our history. We tend to forget easily!

Let’s end with two FREE apps! (free at least today – ALL of these app prices are subject to change as I like to point out when there is a good sale for us all to take advantage of!)

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPad – $4.99 ($9.99) – you really are NOT using the Apple supplied calendar still are you?

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPhone – $2.99 ($4.99)

Calendarium Icon.pngCalendarium is a great app for those of us who like to find out what happened in the past on any given day! It also is an easy way to find out which day of the year we are on, sunrise/sunset – including length of daylight compared to the summer equinox (longest day of the year as I like to call it, of course my daughters were quick to point out that ALL days have 24 hours). Now, if only someone would make a musical version of this!

Incredibox.pngIncredibox is also FREE currently! If you have never seen or played with this musical app you need to do so NOW! So much fun! For us adults not to mention students! You have seven funky looking dudes just standing there waiting for you to dress up – stick with me now – as you put hats, glasses, ties, and other items like headphones on these guys they start to make music! Boy is it good too!


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