ME&T Episode #6 with Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik

Music Education & Technology Podcast Episode #6 with Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik

Chris and I had a marvelous time talking with Raphaël from Newzik this time around!

If you are NOT familiar with the Newzik app then this is the perfect chance for you to download the app and get familiar with what it has to offer! The app has quickly grown in what it offers and has an extremely bright future ahead (we even get a few hints out of Raphaël about what might be down the road!)

Of course Chris and I talk about what is current in Music technology as it pertains to music education. We both are at the end of our first semester/tri-mester of the school year so we discuss apps we are using to help assess and grade our music students. Here’s a glimpse – Dorico’s new 30 day trial, Google Classroom, Showbie, SeeSaw, and the latest update to Uberchord.

I know I am excited to listen to the final product (thanks to Chris how is doing a tremendous job of editing these together!)

Full show notes can be found at the along with a bonus video of Newzik being used in a large ensemble to perform with!


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