Winter Eve

Making the students compose means I have to as well – only fair right?

Take a listen if y9u wish… Used Cubasis as well as Model 15. The goal was to try to make sense of how to use Model 15 sounds in a song. The drums are from Patterning and I used AudioBus to connect the apps into Cubasis. AudioBus Remote is just a tremendous asset as well in this process as it greatly speeds up jumping around between apps. Remote also allows for control of Cubasis record and stop or the same in Patterning. 

Biggest two complaints are that InterApp Audio for me is just certain to not work with one of my apps every time I try to use it!

Second complaint is why Cubasis do y9u not yet support Link?

If you are real keen, you will notice that I had to throw in Alchemy as well – love that thing!

 Here is the SoundCloud link- 


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