OTO – Touch the shape of Sound!

OTO is a geometric musical controller from Sonic Geometry  that lets you touch the shape of sound. Play synths, control a DAW, generate visuals, and more…

For those of us who like to find new ways to control and create music this is a KICK! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!) This is currently in the last few days of their KickStarter campaign so get in on these early prices!

Little orbs’ that have LED’s but more importantly are controllers sending messages over BLE bluetooth! They have haptic feedback as well as the LED. Looks like a ton of fun to get some interesting effects! These will be sure to make people wonder what is going on – would be fun to get audience participation too!

The OTO will be charged without wires too! They are hoping to get a few days of use in before needing a charge.

They are also planing on making a few different apps available on both desktop as well as iPad to make use of the capabilities here. The apps will be available in April when the production units ship. They have some great ideas here for apps!


“Sonic Geometry makes geometrically intuitive audiovisual controllers. Our aim is to make products that tactilize the relationship between tonal and geometric structures in a way that is both intuitive and profound.

OTO began as a masters’ thesis project at Berklee College of Music. Unsatisfied with any of the two-dimensional control interfaces already available on the market, we sought to create a new, three-dimensional paradigm that physicalized the relationship between form and sound in a novel and exciting way: we wanted to give a shape to the sounds we produced.

With OTO you can play synths, DJ, perform live electronic music, and even control your favorite Digital Audio Workstations such as Ableton and Traktor. Each set of OTO controllers will ship with a suite of both standalone and DAW controller software, meaning both novice and experienced artists, musicians, DJs alike can use OTO exactly how they want.”

Here is the link to the KickStarter so you can get a chance to read some more info on each of these.

It sure would be fun to get a set of these to include in any electronic music ensembles like we have here at our school. Electronic music labs should for sure have some of these for kids to explore the possibilities!




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