Sale on Essential Apps for Teachers

Readdle Apps (50% off!)

Scanner Pro 6 IconScanner Pro $2.99 – With the better quality of the iPhone camera I don’t even bother finding a real scanner any more. I just use this app. Using this app allows me to get things into my iPad FAST!

calendars-5-iconCalendars 5 – $2.99 – Please tell me you are NOT using Apples Calendar app any more right?

PDF ExpertPDF Expert – $4.99 – This is the app for all my day to day communications at school. This is the app I use for all registrations and getting signatures on documents. This app combined with Documents (see below for link) and DropBox or Box is what keeps me organized!

Documents App LOGODocuments – FREE – Helps me stay organized!

PDF Converter Icon.pngPDF Converter – $2.99 – This converts any file on your iOS device into a PDF. IF you are NOT using PDF’s when corresponding with others please START!


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