Music Apps Black Friday Sales! Hope you saved some $! – UPDATED SATURDAY PM

This is the time of the year when you get to sit back and buy some music creation apps at an outstanding price! Especially since we ALL need to create NOW, while we have a few minutes of downtime from classes, teaching, students and all the stuff that keeps us from doing the very thing that inspired us to teach in the first place!

A few apps to point out to you –

  • if you don’t have a DAW then get Cubasis NOW
    • If you are doing ANY recording of your music then get Audio Mastering! Even if you have NO idea how to use it you WILL notice a huge improvement in the final recordings!
  • if you need “normal” sounds to create things like accompaniment tracks then get SampleTank NOW
  • if you want to explore modular synthesis then the Moog apps are a no-brainer!
  • if you just want to play some music then any of of these synth apps are a no brainer
  • if you need a beat then decide if you want synth drums (Elastic Drums or DM2) or more traditional (iSpark)
  • if you want an alternative playing surface then get Clawtar!
  • if you want some real alternative music creation then check out FluxPad!

ADDED Saturday – 

Auria LogoAuria Pro – $24.99 – This is THE app that when first advertised blew our minds and had many saying it wasn’t possible to do such things on an iPad! They were proven wrong.  Now our only question these days is which to get – Auria or Cubasis!

Auria LogoAuria LE – $19.99 – If for some odd reason you want the “lite” version then go this route.

Borderlands Granular Icon.pngBorderlands Granular – $4.99 – This app highlights the benefits of an alternative playing surface and innovative ideas!

TC-11TC-11 – THE multi-Touch synth. Will blow your mind with the possibilities!

TC-Orbitor.pngTC-Orbitor – If you get TC-11 for your iPad then you will want TC-Orbitor for your phone as this has 53 different ways to control TC-11 through motion/accelerometer/compass/gyrometer

SynthMaster PlayerSynth master Player – FREE – The pro upgrade inside this app is 50% off until Nov 30 ad Expansion banks are about 40% off!

KORG Apps – (added on Friday. These are all sale through Jan 5th at 50% off!)

Korg Module SmallKorg Module – $19.99

Korg iM1 LargeKorg iM1 – $19.99 – amazing and great sounds, as was the original Korg M1

Korg Arp Odyessi.pngArp OYSSEi – $19.99 (Brand new Korg app – again, a great recreation in app form of a beloved piece of hardware)

Korg Gadget Small IconGadget – $19.99 – an excellent all in one production suite!

iDS-10iDS-10 – $9.99

iMS20iMS-20 – $14.99

iPolySixiPolysix – $14.99

iElectribeiElectribe – $9.99

iKaossilator Small IconiKaossilator – $9.99


PhaseMaker Icon.pngPhasemaker – $4.99 – This app is Audio Unit capable. Load it into a host app like Cubasis as many times as you’d like (well, as many times as your device can handle!)

Sunrizer Synth Icon New.pngSunrizer $4.99 – Great synth and straight forward

AUM MixerAUM Audio Mixer – $16.99 – This app is a new concept for iPad users. Call it a mixer, call it a recorder, call it a host, call it the kitchen sink!

SectorSector – $6.99 -Want experimental? Here ya go!



Recording/DAW/Sequencer – 

Cubasis LogoCubasis – $24.99 (50%) – one of the best DAW’s for iOS! Record audio and MIDI

midi-sequencer-iconMIDI Sequencer – $3.99 – got MDI you want to step sequence? Here’s the app

quantiloop-iconQuantiloop – $4.99 (50%) – one of the newer looping apps AND it quantizes!

xynthesizr-iconXynthesizr – $3.99 (from$6.99) – 32 step sequencer/synth with generative features!

SilQ EQSilQ Equalizer – $0.99 (from $4.99) – yes I know this isn’t a DAW but what DAW is complete without an outstanding 32 band EQ? Plus, it’s $.99 cents!

Tap Delay Icon.pngTAP Delay $4.99- Add some delay to your recordings

AudioReverb small iconAudioReverb $4.99 – Awesome reverb to add into the effects slots!

Audio Mastering Small IconAudio Mastering – When you are done creating your musical genius run it through this app for the final touch!

AltiSpace Small IconAltiSpace -Convolution Reverb – Add reverb to your recordings



Synth Apps – 

Model 15 Icon200pxModel 15 – $14.99 (50%) – The app of a $10,000 hardware synth. This is modular synthesis at its best!

AnimoogAnimoog for iPad – $14.99 (50%)

AnimoogAnimoog for iPhone – $2.99 (50%)

Fugue MachineFugue Machine – $4.99 (50%)

Arpeggionome SmallArpeggionome Pro – $4.99 (50%)

Arpeggionome SmallArpeggionomoe for iPhone – $0.99 (down from $4.99)

Clawtar IconClawtar – $1.99 (50%) – IF you have NOT seen this alternative playing surface yet go read more about it from when you SHOULD have grabbed it in July and I wrote about it!

SampleTankSampleTank – $9.99 (50%) – Select IAPS are also 50%!

iLectric icon smalliLectric for iPad – $9.99 (50%) – Select IAPS are also 50%!

iGrand icon smalliGrand for iPad – $9.99 (50%) – Select IAPS are also 50%!

ivcs3-iconiVCS3 – $7.99  (50%)

iSEMiSEM Synthesizer – $4.99  (50%)

iProphet LargeiProhpet Synthesizer – $4.99  (50%)

iMiniiMini Synthesizer – $4.99  (50%)

addictive-pro-iconAddictive Pro – $11.99 (from $19.99) – OK, the original Addictive Synth was outstanding and now that they have updated this to the “Pro” version it is even more addictive.

CubeSynth SmallCube Synth – $7.99 ($11.99)

microtera smallmicroTERA $4.99  (50%)

Tera Synth SmallTera Synth $1.99 (from $19.99)

Poseidon SynthPoseidon Synth $11.99 (from $19.99)

shoom-synth-iconShoom Synthesizer $5.99 (from $9.99)

ENKL Synth.pngENKL Synthesizer – $1.99 (67% off!)


Voice Apps – Apps to mess with your voice!

Jussi Vocal Synth Icon.pngJussi Vocal Synthesizer – $2.99 (63% off!) – This app is just outstanding for creating synth vocals! One of the newer apps on this list!

VoxSynVoxSyn – $6.99 (from $9.99)

HarmonyVoice SmallHarmony Voice – $4.99 (from $6.99)

iVoxel SmalliVoxel – $4.99 (from $6.99)


Drum Apps – 

Arturia iSpak.pngArturia iSpark – All inclusive beat making machine! Awesomeness wrapped up in drums!

Elastic Drums LargeElastic Drums – $7.99 (down from $9.99)

dm2-iconDM2 – Version 2 of one of the original synthesis drum machine apps for iPad

synthdrum-padsSynthDrum Pads – $3.99 (from $5.99)


Music Creation Apps – 

FluxPad Icon.pngFluxPad $5.99 (from $7.99) – if you haven’t seen this you need to – you DRAW music! It’s awesome! Small Groovebox Synth – $5.99 (from $9.99)


Experimental and Electronic Music Apps – 

SoundScaper.pngFieldScaper – Sound warp field recorder – $4.99

SoundScape Icon.pngSoundscaper – $4.99 – An experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles.

Space Vibe.pngSpaceVibe – $2.99 (from $1.99) – Another generative app that creates soundscapes


Control Apps – 

midi-designer-pro-iconMIDI Designer Pro – $12.99 (down from $24.99) – THE app if you want to create your own layouts to control other apps/hardware



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