Hear your EQ! Ear training for helping you run sound and record!

Ten Kettles has just upgraded their wonderful app to help you train your ears for running sound and mixing!

As music teachers we are constantly performing with our students. That means someone has to run sound! That means probably someone else besides yourself IF YOU ARE LUCKY! If not blessed with a willing person to twist and slide those knobs and faders for you, then it’s all you! You, trying to do two things at once!  In any case there is some training and skill involved in getting things to sound great!

IMG_1402.PNGTen Kettles has one of the best apps I’ve run across to help us out! The app is hearEQ – the app for musicians, sound engineers and plain ‘ol music lovers. Getting that perfect EQ doesn’t “just happen”. This app allows you to pick a song from your music library and then gives you the ability to experiment with the EQ settings while giving you hints at what each frequency does to the sound. The app used to only come with a 10 band EQ but with this latest update now has a 30 band EQ for you to experiment with and get trained on!

I love the ability to give this app to the students running my sound. I love the ability to spend a few minutes with it here and there myself! I love the short exercises that I can customize to my ability level.

heareq-iconhearEQ is $4.99 – that gives you the 10 band EQ

The 30 band EQ is an IAP for only $2.99



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