IK Multimedia App Sale!

How exciting! Must be because it’s Halloween?

IK Multimedia makes some great music apps and they have a bunch of them on sale right now!


SampleTank Is $1.99! This is normally a great deal at $19.99 but for 2 bucks it is a crazy sweet deal. The sounds are great and this gives you everything you need to create some great accompaniment tracks or even a stellar recording of the next top 50 tune you are writing! If you don’t grab at LEAST this app you are nuts! Combine this with a couple do MIDI files or an app with an alternative playing interface and you are all set for a performance with nothing more than your iPad!


VocaLive for iPad is at a huge discount! $4.99 (normal $19.99)

VocaLive For iPone is $4.99 (normal is $9.99)


iGrand is $4.99 (normal $19.99)

iLectric is $4.99 (normal $19.99)


Amplitude is $4.99 (normal $19.99)


DJ Rig $4.99 (normal $19.99)


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