Duet Display on Sale!

Duet Display is on a great sale right now! 50% off at $9.99

If you are not sure what Duet Display is you really need to check it out! It turns your iPad into an external display for you laptop/computer. It even works with your phone! So now when you are doing things like entering notation into Sibelius and you want that number pad that Applestopped putting on their laptops… well now you put the toolbar on your phone and wa-la you are in business!

What about the fact that I’ve pretty well convinced myself to NOT buy a 15″ laptop the next time around. The smaller screen will be easier to handle because I can use my iPad Pro’s large screen with Duet Display and have MORE screen real estate than on a 15″ laptop! What’s even funnier is that my iPad Pro is a bigger screen than my sons 13″ MacBook!


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