Lights and Performances

Sorry for the lack of posting – it’s been marching season.

Did you ever wish for a way to add some lighting to your performances? What about being able to DJ school dances and have your students be the ones to run that?

Now, did you ever price those lights? Yeah…. so have I. Expensive – between the controller and the lights – WOW!

So I come to offer another suggestion – what about using smart bulbs? LIFX and Phillips Hue both offer smart bulbs that are color for abound $40-$60 a bulb. These bulbs can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. So no extra controller is really needed besides an app or two. 

I also found a really fun looking app called Light DJ that can do some pretty sweet things with those lights that would be more like a full set of DJ lights would be capable of achieving. 

Here are a couple of screen shots to give you an idea…

I will report back to you after our first dance but I am really liking the possibilities here. We have an electronic music ensemble here that these lights will be fun to play with as well. It’s just one more facet to make the show more interesting!

The LIFX bulbs are also on sale right now for $39.99. I noticed that WalMart has the Phillips Hue bulbs marked lower as well – $44

I will say that the Phillips Hue requires an extra hub. I am personally having an issue getting THAT working here at school so take that into account. The LIFX bulbs are not an issue. 


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