Addictive Pro Synth is out!

I am a bit behind the times but there is a new iPad synth on the scene and it is a monster addition to a steadily growing options for making music with your iPad!

Addictive Pro is still currently on a 40% off introductory price – I have no idea how long that will last and I AM behind in posting here as I am in the middle of Marching Season!

Addictive Pro is by VirSyn who is no stranger to the mobile music making scene! With this release they add an app that strengthens their foothold for anyone making music these days. 

Here is an idea of what you get – Adictive Pro is a synth that takes hybrid synthesis and gives you many different ways in which to shape and control the complex sounds. There is a four part polyrhythm Arpeggiator included inside of the synth which should excite an music educator – I mean come on! Polyrhythms? Easy access to controls for the modulation, an easy to understand arpeggiator section and a stellar FX section (7 studio standard effects available concurrently!) all gives you great control over the synthesis (Virtual Analog, FM and Ringmodulation)

The app supports CoreMIDI compatible keyboards, Virtual MIDI, AudioBus and InterApp Audio as well. Maybe they will even work on creating an audio unit component to this synth (not holding my breath on that one though)

Here is a demo….


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