MET Podcast Episode 2 featuring PreSonus is out!

Chris and I have had a great time putting together this second episode of The Music Education and Technology Podcast. As a guest we had Micah Blouin from PreSonus as a guest. It was wonderful to talk to Micah and get information on the new updates that have taken Notion to version 6 and Studio One to version 3! We also talk about solutions that PreSonus have to make our jobs as music educators easier. 

In the first half of the Podcast we talk about a whole bunch of technology that pertains to music educators! So many things to discuss as these past couple of weeks have been very active!

Here is the iTunes link

Here is the PodOMatic link


2 thoughts on “MET Podcast Episode 2 featuring PreSonus is out!

  1. Love the podcast so far. Enjoying it very much! I have recently purchased an Apple TV to use for screen mirroring but it is VERY unreliable. It will work great for a few minutes and then lose connectivity and is practically useless. Any tips?

    1. Hi Josh,

      Glad you are enjoying the discussions we’ve been having! It’s been fun for us as well!

      As for the Apple TV – I had the same issue this year so I talked with the tech department at the school. They gave the Apple TV higher priority on the school network and its been almost 100% there for me since! I will get specifics from them as to what exactly they did.

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