Notion 6 Updates

Keep checking back and I will continue to update
Real quick ….. here are things I picked up on from watching the webcast. 
Handwriting comes to the desktop!

Layout improvements – show layout handles allow you to drag things around for better layout. You can drag individual items around as well, like rests or dynamics.

You have multiple input options. Including layout mode now. 

Brand new Pipe Organ sound that has at least 5 different stops that automatically change during playback. 

New score library. 

MIDI over reWire.  So now if you live mostly in the notation realm and work better in that mode reWire now allows you to drive StudioOne 3.3 via Notion. 
StudioOne and Notion6 work together

You can record MIDI data inside of StudioOne and then send it over to Notion and print out music notation!

You can send this data between devices running on the same network! SWEET!

Pressing tab allows you to see the MIDI through sequencer overlay. 

There is a tool that is called randomize events – hmmmm.

Now if someone has a song they are recording in StudioOne they can send you the audio mix down! This arrives in Notion allowing y9u to quickly and easily add more parts to their recording via music notation. 

You can do the same thing in reverse. You can take a project y9u are working on in Notion, send it to StudioOne and all your parts that WERE in music notation arrives in StudioOne as audio files complete with all the mixer settings you had in Notion!

Both of those things can be done OVER THE network!

This type of integration between StudioOne and Notion really is amazing!
STUDIO ONE 3.3 Updates

Uncle Justin’s favorite Updates

One click buttons for all the plugins. 

Disable tracks allowing you to free up CPU useage and turns off every thing that is on that track also.

New Video integration – new video engine! Because windows is ending support for QuickTime PreSonus has decided to find a new way to continue finding new and innovative ways to continue supporting!

MultiTrack quantize and slicing! Auto fill is cool because it fills in those gaps that occur when slicing. 
Don’t forget that Notion, StudioOne both have educational pricing!  Contact their educational guy for more info!


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