Notion 6 Update and Notion for iOS Sale!

Notion LargeFirst things first – Notion for iOS is almost 50% off currently which puts this in the category of – if you don’t have it then what are you waiting for!? Read more about the iOS version below. But Notion, alongside NotateMe makes for one of the killer capabilities in todays world of music technology!

So one of our wonderful desktop music notation programs received a nice update along with a version bump to version 6!

Notion, which is the only notation app available on desktop as well as iOS BOTH, is now at version 6. Notion costs $149.95 (Come on guys, really? Just price it at $150!) the upgrade will be $49 if you own Notion 3, 4, or 5.

As a music educator some parts of todays update may not at first glance seem of such critical importance but once you stop and really ponder the implications this will have for us going forward into the future you will have to think twice. A major factor in todays release is not just the Notion news but also in how Notion integrates with PreSonus’s DAW, StudioOne 3! These two apps now work hand in hand like never before! I know that many music educators never have even opened a DAW before but that may be about to change. There are so many of us that live in the world where music notation rules. We have also become very used to the fact that when working on musical scores it is difficult to get realistic playback of those music notation scores. It has been getting better and better through the years – I still remember only having 128 general MIDI sounds available so I KNOW how much better life is today!

So, here is the news….

First of all, straight from the PreSonus/Notion website I have this graphic that gives you a glimpse at the highlights of Notion’s updates….

Notion 6 updates.png

The first thing that jumps out at me it that PreSonus wants us to know that they listen to their users! They are indeed awesome at this!

The second thing that jumps out is that Notion now brings handwriting to desktops! This is awesome news for those of you using Windows tablets with pens (or whatever you guys call them) Notion’s music handwriting is powered by MyScript and is the same engine as what we have been enjoying on the iPad for awhile now! It’s AWESOME!

The third item that jumps out at me is the fact that Notion is now going to be able to handle page layout WAY better than the past. Good thing because page layout was one of my gripes about using Notion.

Then you have better sounds and more sounds, the ability to work with video faster and easier.

Fourth thing on that list is improved XML! Hugely important for anyone who uses more than one music notation app.

The last part of that graphic highlight is all about the unprecedented side-by-side workflow with StudioOne 3! This part is exciting!

and that’s it…. oh wait… one more item on that graphic – Notion now has a library of public domain files available to you. Of course I’m not clear as to whether or not those are free or paid. Could be useful?

If you want the full and entire list of new features/improvements then click here –

New Features/Improvements in Notion 6

Notion on iPAdThe reason I am a Notion user is in huge part due to the fact that Notion exists for iPad alongside that this is not a scaled down reader app for the desktop version. Notion for iOS is a full featured notation app! The iOS version does more than the desktop apps I have used for many, many year! The handwriting plugin alone makes it worth the entire cost!

Which I should mention Notion for iOS is currently on an almost 50% sale! Notion for iOS is only $7.99 currently. I have no idea why every single musician doesn’t have this app! This app alone makes it almost worth buying an iPad for by itself!


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