iGrand and electric on Sale – SampleTank Updated

Well this is good news as we go into a new school year! But you better hurry because this is a quick sale – only until the 21st of August!

IK MultiMedia has put a couple of their very useful apps on sale – Music Educators should take advantage of this!

iGrand icon smalliGrand is 50% off and is currently $9.99 and all the IAP’s are also 50% off. the Ivory Keys IAP is very nice! Buy a cheap MIDI controller like the Novation Launchkeys, plug it into your iPhone and you have a super great sounding piano!

Electric Piano Synth SmalliLectric is 50% off and is currently $9.99

SampleTankSampleTank is $9.99 which means it is also at 50% sale price! The app has been brought up to version 2 which has given a new breath of life to the app that will come in very useful for educators. The app is now 8 part multitimbral! Now you can have even more parts going!

This does come with it’s drawbacks though as this version2 will NOT support older iPads/iPhone – you have to have an iPad Air or higher and an iPhone 5s or higher. Get ready people because the older devices are NOT going to be supported by every app for very long!

• 8-part multitimbral professional-quality sound and groove module
• Expandable sound library with 600+ instruments in 16 categories
• Completely redesigned Sound Browser
• Layers feature lets you easily create zones on your controller for multi-part performances
• Live and Song modes optimized for composition and live performance
• Streamlined interface for faster workflow
• Integrated 8-track MIDI recorder with song export
• MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers a breeze
• Play interface with piano keyboard, scale keyboard and enhanced drum pads
• Plug-and-play compatibility with iRig interfaces and controllers like iRig Pro Duo, iRig Pro, iRig MIDI, iRig Keys and iRig Pads
• Universal app compatible with iPad and iPhone with iOS 8 and later


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