Passwords and Security on iPods/iPhones/iPads – USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

I have talked about the issue of passwords, security questions and backing up your devices here on my blog before. I want to do it again!

The worst story I have is of the student who came to me with her iPod that had pictures on it of her Grandpa who had just passed away. Some other student had gotten a hold of her iPod and changed her password on her. Because she did not have everything set up correctly – in this case she should have turned on her Photo Stream – she ended up losing those pictures that were irreplaceable!

Our devices hold some of the most valuable parts of our lives on them! We need to use the tools Apple has given us and make sure we have things taken care of and backed up! We also MOST educate our students and our very own kids about the proper way to set up accounts, pick good security question and then WRITE down the passwords and answers someplace where we can access them! Kids and our parents are pretty non-experienced about this sort of thing – DO NOT BUY INTO THAT “Digital Native” line!

First things first – when someone gets a new device they need to be shown that iCloud is their friend! Set up an iCloud account with them! Pick good security questions and pick a good password that isn’t going to confuse the heck out of them later when they have to figure the darn thing out!

Second thing – write down all the passwords and security question answers you have just set up. Write them down someplace you can find. You could use Apples notepad or better yet use a password app like OneSafe or OnePassword.

Third thing – use the tools inside of iCloud to your advantage!

  • Turn on Find Your iPhone.
  • Turn on at least the My Photo Stream – different from iCloud Photo Library. My Photo Stream saves your last 1000 pictures into the cloud and it is accessible from your phone/iPod/Mac Computer
  • Turn on most every thing actually – EXCEPT
  • Backup – you may think that this is out of place but honestly I’ve never found the backups from Apple to work anyways. Plus…. everything of mine is in the cloud most of the time anyways! THE BIG REASON THOUGH – it’s going to suck up the free 5GB of storage available for free to you. If you really feel the need then turn on backup on from a computer.

Fourth thing – for goodness sakes show them how to find contacts and calendars and how to create reminders using SIRI! That stuff is just ultra cool!

Take care of those around you! If you know someone who is setting up a new device HELP THEM!


If you don’t write down those passwords and answers to the security question I can promise you that it is a pain in the  behind to reset everything!



2 thoughts on “Passwords and Security on iPods/iPhones/iPads – USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

  1. Hello Paul,

    I’m a music teacher in Philadelphia and I’ve been getting email updates from you blog for a while and appreciate you sharing new ideas for using the iPad and all the alerts about apps on sale.

    Since you are the guru for using iPads in the music room, I have a question. I’m trying to determine if I can use an external microphone (that I have had since the MiniDisc days, Sony ECM-MS907) — with my iPad Air. It is powered by a AA battery and has a 3.5mm plug. After trying it straight into the headphone jack with no success, I purchased an adapter (Valley Enterprises 3.5 mm right angle adapter) that has a slightly different plug design, but still does not seem to work.

    Do you have any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?

    Thanks, Eric Jones

    1. Hi Eric,

      Glad you are following along and finding useful stuff!

      I’d have to say that mic is probably not going to work without the help of an adaptor like the Griffin iMic audio interface which is about $35 or so. Now you would have to use the camera connector kit along with the iMic and then the mic itself. If you have a lightening connector on your device it is worth mentioning the newest adaptor Apple put out a year or so ago that allows you to power your iPad while using the connector kit too.

      Loved those mini-discs!

      Now of course I can’t leave this discussion without asking a]what exactly you are trying to record and which device you are using. Another important question is if you have a case on that device. I ask because there are other good kids out there that don’t need a camera connector kit and the iMic to work. It may be worth the $ to buy anew mic like Sure, Zoom or Rode have out there. Or maybe even the Line6 SonicPort VX

      Do you want stereo or mono – biggest question!

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