Money Lover App FREE Today – via appGratis

So do you ever spend money? Ever have to manage a school budget for your music department? Wait… what? You have NEVER set up a budget at ALL? Well today is the day you’ve been waiting for… (Maybe)

AppGratis (Sam) sends me emails everyday with a free app. He’s the master of making deals with developers. Today’s app is Money Lover by Quang Tran Hong. I’ve never used the app and have never seen the app before today but after taking a quick look at it I think it may be useful!

Here’s the main blurb from the web site for the app…

Money Lover Screen Info

Plus, since the app is free today via Sam – you follow the instructions I received in his email and you get the premium version of the app! There is a sync that keeps your phone, laptop and even the web version of your money all in sync! Love it!

Here’s the email and the link! The link is obviously not my affiliate link but is instead Sams… Let me know if you use this app already or if there is another app you like better in the comments below!

MoneyLover Free


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