Transferring Files to iPad Without The Cloud or Internet or Wires!

I can not remember the last time I actually hooked a wire up from my iPad to my laptop to transfer files. It honestly is a pain in the ummm…. well you get it – I just wish APPLE and Tim Cook did! I do believe that Apple is working towards a wireless world and it IS better than the past but we are not there totally.

We do have several options to transfer files though! Now, if you read the title you see that I am talking about not relying on “the cloud”, internet, or wires! Sometimes those things are not available – especially in a public school setting or as a musician that uses his iPad to read all my sheet music from. The other issue that arrises is the fact that some of our iPads don’t have enough storage space and when we start doing really cool things like recording music on our iPad space becomes an issue! Or what about traveling with our kids who want to watch movies in the back seat? (or is that us parents that want them to watch the movies?)

I grabbed a SanDisk wireless thumb drive this weekend to try out – they are usually about $35 for a 32 gb version – Best Buy currently has the 64 gb version for about that same price too. I got lucky and got the 32 gb version for $12 because they had it labeled wrong – I should have grabbed all three of them! I’ve had a RavPower FileHub Plus for a while now that I’ve used for the same wireless ability to transfer files. The RavPower has the additional capability of being an external battery pack and a router as well. It’s bigger though.

Here’s how it works… wait, I made a movie to show you! Hope you enjoy it! More later….


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