VirSyn and iceWorks Music Apps On Sale

VirSyn has some wonderful apps out for creating music on your iPad/iPhone. Currently they are running some nice sales on several of the apps.

VoxSyn is their brand new app that takes many of the great features in their other apps and rolls it into one new app along with some new features! VoxSyn turns your voice into the most flexible vocal sound generator ever! Watch the video at the bottom to start to get a sense of how you could incorporate this into your music and the music of your students! If only we had these tools growing up!


Effects Apps of VirSyn


iceWorks has some very exciting apps out as well to create music with….

Remember – I’m not going to tell you about apps on this blog unless I am totally enjoying the use of them myself or at least believe in their powerful potential for use in the music classroom!

I’m not sure how long these sales will last as the app pages say “Limited Time” and it seems that a few of them had already been booted up in price from VirSyn. Good luck in grabbing these deals and enjoy your future music making!




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