Screens VNC – Remote Access To Your Desktop Computer

Screens VNC by Edovia Inc. is one of those apps that will just simply make your jaw drop in wonderment upon seeing it for the first time. Then you will immediately wonder how you ever lived without the app!

Screens Small iconScreens is currently 50% off at $9.99 (on a limited time sale) AND you will receive the upcoming update for free! So purchase now and reap even more benefits later!

Screens VNC allows you to remotely access your Mac or PC from your iPad! This means that you can be sitting upstairs watching TV while still monitoring iMovie as it writes movie files from two weeks of you being at band camp! It means that you can start and stop recording at a concert when the app you are recording with does not have an iPad app to control it (Come one PreSonus! What gives with THAT anyways!)

What about controlling your Desktop that is hooked up to the screen in the front of the classroom AND that is also hooked up to your sound system. Start up a FREE recording app like StudioOne Prime or Audacity, start rehearsal, hit the record button, and without leaving the podium you can instantly replay the recording for your students!

Screens has a complete and total set of methods to control your desktop with too. I love using the mouse mode – this allow me to move my finger around on my iPad just like a mouse BUT the pointer does NOT have to be right under my finger where I can never see the darn thing!



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