Notion is 50% off For July!

Well this is a no-brainer! Call me old fashioned but I really, really, really, seriously dis-like this whole subscription based baloney that some companies have moved to – cough, cough  Sibelius!

I used Sibelius for YEARS as soon as it became available basically and now I don’t use it. Long story but that is NOT why we are here is it!

I did make the jump to using Notion this past two years or so for several reasons. Price and the fact that Notion for iPad exists! Notion lacks some finesse that Sibelius and Finale have but it gets the job done. Plus I know exactly what I am paying and I don’t have this looming fear of “loosing” access once my yearly subscription is up.

The normal price for Notion is one reason I jumped on board but now it is 50% off. The price that I see for this month is $74.95. Head over to this link to read more and to purchase the desktop version of Notion.

Notion LargeThe iPad app is only $14.99


(Wait… I thought Notion used to be $99? When did the normal price go up?)

(Whatever… $75 is still a great deal!)


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