Cubasis 50% off! DAW on your iPad!


Cubasis is one of the main DAW’s available on iPad! It is without doubt one of the most useful tools for music educators who would like to record music on their iPad. I’m talking about simple recording tasks like your rehearsals, performances using the built in microphone. I’m also talking about creating music using other apps along with outside sources like an audio interface that brings in microphones, guitars or keyboards.

Cubasis LogoCubasis is now 50% off for a little while at $24.99. I know that some of you may have just did a double take if you are not familiar with the professional level apps available to us on iPad these days. Now consider that what you are getting is a full fledged DAW allowing you to for-go the use of your computer to create professional quality CD’s! Now the price actually sounds cheap to you I would hope!

This is one of several DAW’s I own for iPad and it is usually the first one I open. Cubasis is one of the first DAW’s to support both Audio as well as MIDI. Cubasis has a list of features a mile long but here are a few top ones…

Cubasis Top Features.png

Cubasis TracksThe ability to easily edit Audio AND MIDI is outstanding. There is a built in Mixer, Studio Grade Effects are standard, over 180 virtual instruments, and even some loops are all included. You have the Micrologue Synthesizer, MiniSampler and MicroSonic to work with and build your creative masterpiece without even opening another app. In the case you do want to pull in other apps then Cubasis supports almost every possible way to do so – AudioBus, Inter-App-Audio, AudioUnits along with support for external MIDI interfaces, Audio Interfaces and even MIDI over BlueTooth LE. The one thing Cubasis doesn’t support is Ableton Link (COME ONE STEINBERG – What IS the hold up with that by the way?)

You do need iOS8 and an iPad 2 or later. If you want to use AudioUnits then an iPadMini2 or iPad 4 or later is required.

I’ve written about using Cubasis before…

If you want to hear some of my creative meanderings using Cubasis alongside a ton of other apps than visit my SoundCloud Page. Almost every piece there is using Cubasis and almost every song there is created entirely on my iPad – I did use my Roland FantomX8 on the tracks where it is obvious that I would need an external keyboard to play on but Cubasis and my iPad recorded it all.


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