Hello! Happy 4th of July! (To Us Americans Anyways!)

I really haven’t fallen off into a deep dark abyss…. It’s just that with the end of school I was a bit busy lately! Then these past two weeks I was working a Band Camp in the middle of the woods here in Michigan where the internet was pretty much non-existent not to mention cell signal. Of course I wouldn’t have had time to do any blogging while at the camp anyways because I was the one hired on to create the DVD’s from the camp, which meant I was at 90% of all the activities the campers were doing, then back to my cabin to upload, edit and create!

I’ve got a few things I want to write about soon. One of those is the experience of being the “camera guy” at band camp for two weeks. Another is about working with the 12.5″ iPadPro these past three months of school and how that has changed things for me. Of course I am hoping you have been paying attention to the music apps on sale currently but in case you haven’t there are a few that you really should take advantage of currently so that will be first.

I look forward to sharing with you these experiences….


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