Fugue Machine and Arpeggionome On Sale Until Tomorrow

Fugue Machine – $4.99

Arpeggionome – $4.99

Arpeggionome for iPhone – $1.99

I forget how cool these music apps are sometimes. That is until I show them to my students!
I showed them the awesome Fugue Machine in class the other day and was instantly bombarded with “What app is that?” ” How much is it?”
Well currently it is on a 50% sale until tomorrow! At $4.99 this is a amazing time to grab this app. 

The concept is simple – let’s create a Fugue! Firstly you create a basic pattern. That could be as simple as as a one measure melody or it could be up to 8 measures of chords. The next part is where it gets fun! There are four Independant play heads that then play back the basic pattern in about any different way you could imagine. Play it Backwards, forwards, inverted, or change the speed of the phrase! You can transpose each of the four playheads by octaves or semitones. You can even decide how offset each playhead is when it starts. You can choose things like which key and which scale you are in and with the latest updates it gets even more fun because you can take each playhead and boot the part out to external synths!

All I can say is that it an app where with four simple notes you can quickly loose an hour coming up with some musical and interesting music.


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