Amazing Opportunity to Grab Some Apps!

DrumKick SockIt’s been a little while since there have been several apps on sale (or gone for free) that I felt music teachers/students should be thinking about. This week is turning out to be a great weekend for that! It HAS to be because of the fact that National Doughnut Day is June 5th here in the good ol USA!

Anyways…. here are some apps that ALL musicians can have great fun with at an amazing price! In my eyes, if you are a music educator then every single one of these apps should be on your iPad and you should be enjoying the opportunity of music making on your iOS device every single week. I WISH I could say every single day but I know I constantly run out of time.

Patterning Large IconPatterning – $4.99 (Normally $9.99) – Not only one of the top drum apps of all time but this app just received an amazing update giving it even more abilities! I don’t care if you are a percussionist or not, you will love this app!

AudioBus small iconAudioBus – FREE – If you want to use multiple apps on your iOS device to create music then AudioBus is one of those ways to connect signals. For instance AudioBus let’s you use Orphion/SoundPrism/DrumKick to play the music and then use MultiTrackDaw to record multiple tracks along with audio recordings like someone singing or playing an acoustic instrument.

Loopy HDLoopyHD – FREE – Looper. Anything else need to be said? Well, maybe that this is one of the long time favorites of many people and even Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel used it!

Orphion Large IconOrphion – FREE – one of the instruments on iPad that I think embodies the possibilities of the multitouch interface. It is a great deal of fun to play!

DrumKick Small IconDrumKick – FREE – Drummer? Wanna be drummer? Exactly like it seems – a drum set on your iPad/iPhone with one interesting twist – Play along on a drum set from your iPad and stick your iPhone in your sock to get an actual kick drum from your foot movements!

MultiTrack DAW SmallMultiTrack DAW – $3.99 (Normally $9.99 – This is a no brainer purchase if you do not currently have a DAW. Even if you have GarageBand and enjoy using that, this app is well worth having as well. It is one of the most solid DAW’s available. It is straightforward to use and easy to edit/record.

SoundPrism Link IconSoundPrism Link Edition – $0.99 (Normally $4.99) – I have written about this app before here. Sound great too – I used it on this track I recorded on my iPad. SoundPrism is a great app for students who may not be ready to play melodies/chords on a traditional keyboard layout! Plus it has LINK! (one of the best music tech advancements lately!)





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