RP-1 Effects App – Add a new dimension of sound to your music apps.

I know I am late to the party here with this app…. I mean come on, it’s been out for a month and I’m just now getting around to talking about it. 

If you have an iPad and are a musician then you should be using some of the amazing music apps available to us. Of course the next step is to intertwine some effects apps through the use of audio-unit, audio-bus or Inter-App-Audio not to mention the chance to use Link to sync up tempos on your delays! How much fun is all that? If you are not quite sure all that means I’ll make it simple…. This app has as many options to connect as a Swiss Army knife has blades.

Of course the REAL reason to use effects apps if the amazing difference they can make in your final sound. 

Numerical Audio has brought us RP-1 which is a $5.99 app full of stereo delay goodness that sounds great! Take a listen to the SoundCloud demos at the bottom of this post and then you will understand my excitement. Just today I was running through a long list of sounds that just weren’t quite fitting what my mind was hearing until I cranked up RP-1 and put a couple of apps through its delays….. Instant gratification!


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