iPad Pro 12.9″ Is AMAZING!

I finally saved enough pennies to purchase an iPad Pro. I should not even have to mention that the size I purchased is the big Pro, the 12.9″. As a musician, or at least as a music teacher, this purchase should be mandatory in my opinion.

I will write more and share more but here is my first published deep impact realization of how much of a game changer this size is…. Here is my iPad Air2 next to the iPad Pro displaying the same score but the Pro is actually displaying TWO pages of the score. You can see that the 12.9″ of display space allows for this TWO page display and it is almost the same size as one page on the iPad Air!

iPadPro vs iPadAir Size.jpg


4 thoughts on “iPad Pro 12.9″ Is AMAZING!

  1. I am in LOVE with my iPad Pro and use it everyday in class in so many ways!!!
    I wish TonalEnergy & FrozenApe’s Tempo Advance Pro would jump on the split screen wagon! PDF Expert 5 & Notability are fantastic with the Apple Pencil. Forscore makes using the Apple Pencil a dream!

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