Teachers Recording Ensembles – How and Why

As a music teacher you absolutely should be making use of easy to use technology to record your rehearsals. These are for you as much as your students –

  1. PRIMARY REASON – Students always think they are better than they actually are – until they hear themselves!
  2. SECONDARY REASON – Show progress and proof of learning your classes objectives. Record them sight-reading the piece and then mid-way and then at the concert.
  3. THIRD REASON – These let you sit down later and review what needs to be done in upcoming rehearsals!
  4. The list could go on and on but you can make your own list…. I want to share how I do this…..

HOW? Got a phone or an iPad? What about one of these little handheld recorders? Easy to use, easy to carry and they sound pretty darn good!

Tascam DR22WL.pngHere is one of the recorders I use – A Tascam DR22WL- it cost about $150. I love it because it has a Wi-Fi server built into it so that I can remote control it from my iPhone. So what I do is set the recorder up out front of the band, put my iPhone on my podium and from my podium I can start/stop/playback/set levels and other things without ever touching the recorder.

Of course I end up taking many recordings off the Recorder/iPhone/iPad and using them for reference in score study along with other reference later. This also allows me to make the three basic edits on each track – 1)Set the start/stop points so there isn’t excess noise 2)Normalize the volume and 3)Convert the file from Wave to AAC so it is a more manageable file size.


AudioShare.PNGI take the files from the SD card or simply hook up a USB cable from the recorder to my laptop to pull the files into DropBox. The next step is to use my iPad with a wonderfully handy app called

AudioShare SmallAudioShare. AudioShare allows me to pull each file (or a batch of them) from DropBox onto my iPad. Then once that file is in AudioShare I startediting/normalizing/converting – which takes about a minute per track. The final step is to upload those files back into DropBox so i can pull them into iTunes. Once in iTunes all my devices are able to see these files and play them because of my subscription to iTunes Match.

AudioShare SmallAudioShare will be the best $4.99 you’ve spent on an app in a long time if you don’t already own it and you are a music teacher doing this sort of thing.

BONUS – IN FACT…. If you just simply want to use your iPad/iPhone to record you can do all of this from AudioShare – record, edit and upload all from one little app!


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