New App – Transcribe+ is a winner for musicians and Teachers!

Transcribe+.pngTranscribe+ is a wonderful app for musicians, music teachers, amateurs and professionals alike to help in learning new songs or practice sessions. The app itself is free to download but requires a $4.99 IAP to unlock full access. HURRY!!!! This is a 50% sale at the time and the price will soon go up. I should have brought this app up about 20 days ago but have been a bit busier than normal with having a student teacher. Transcribe+ has even caught Apple’s attention as it has been on their top selling list of apps on the front page of the app store! Congrats to the developer Joe!

As a musician we are always trying to learn that next piece of music. If we are really trying to improve we always have a few pieces at least that are really pushing our level of performance to a new level! Which means we need to do a bunch of listening, rewinding, maybe changing the key of what we are working on and just looping sections many times over. Maybe you are trying to learn a piece of music that there isn’t even sheet music for, which means you are going to want to do all of the above to the nth degree!

“Back in the Day” I had to sit there with one hand on the tape deck and one hand on the keyboard while I transcribed and practiced those parts. That squealing of the tape deck rewinding still ring sin my ears but oh the satisfaction upon success!

Now we have technology to the rescue –

The basic premise is simple – play any non-DRM song in your iTunes library that has been downloaded to your device. While playing the song you can slow the speed down, change the pitch up or down and loop any section.

You can see how nice and clean everything is laid out in the screen shot below. To change the speed you simply drag the speed line left or right (here I’ve got things slowed down to .61 of the original speed . Also you can see below that you are given the ability to drop in markers to help in your jumping around. These markers are saved for every song you work on so don’t fear of loosing them! The loop is on in the screen shot below as well – that is where you see the waveform highlighted. You can drag the left or right boundaries to select the section that you want.


In the screenshot below I’ve got the speed and pitch both changed as well as zooming into waveform. In order to change pitch you simply drag up or down on the pitch line.


I am sure that this will add a few more features in the future such as maybe having a list of all the markers you have created so that it is easy to jump to a specific spot even if it is not in view. All in all Transcribe+ achieves it’s goal of giving us one more excellent tool to use in learning music!

Dynamic App Design has several other excellent apps available as well… (These both are free to download but require an IAP to actually unlock full features)

Practice+Practice+ – which is a metronome, tuner, recorder and a metronome looper/setlist.

Metronome+.pngMetronome+ – ummmm….. really I think this is just the old version of Practice+


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