Using Your iPad To Edit and Master Recordings

Our Band Boosters just held a 3 hour long variety show. During that show we ran all sound through PreSonus sound equipment which is just lovely! 32 channels from the StudioLive 32AI were all recorded into Capture so we could have a recording to refer back to later.

There are a few of those recordings that I really want to create mix downs of as they involve my performing groups and also some of our family.

So I took my daughters performance, grabbed the digital audio and pulled them into Cubasis small iconCubasis on my iPad (Cubasis is on a 50% sale currently for $24.99 by the way). I could have just as easily used PreSonus’s FREE StudioOne software but I wanted to use my iPad. I could have also used AuriaPro but since I am still trying to learn that app and I REALLY wanted to hear my daughter’s track I went Cubasis this time around!

There were two vocal tracks and two guitar tracks so this was a pretty quick and straight forward project. I ran the two vocal tracks through some Inter-App-Audio Effects – AltiSpace Small IconAltispace for Dan’s backup and then AudioReverb small iconAudioReverb for Montana’s vocal. I also used a Compressor and EQ from Cubasis. On the Guitar tracks I put her guitar through Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereoDesigner and Dan’s guitar through the Stereo Width Effect from the IAP inside of Cubasis. Both guitars got the Reverb effect from Cubasis as well.

After I did a bit of editing the waveforms to clean out the unwanted portions, mixed the track a bit, added the effects I sent the final mix down over to Audio Mastering Small IconAudioMastering to add that final polish to the track. For those of you who don’t have a clue how to master a track, don’t worry neither do I! BUT I can also tell that many times after messing around in Audio Mastering I find a few settings that have improved the mix from where I started!

Take a listen to each of the tracks below from my SoundCloud and see if you can tell the difference between the original file and the one I ran through AudioMastering.


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