New App – Mersenne: Melodic Percussion Synthesizer App!


Well now, this app certainly looks and sounds amazing (That is if the YouTube Demo video is pulling sounds only from this app. I do not have confirmation of that yet)

Mersenne Icon.pngMersenne – Melodic Percussion Synthesizer has been created to give us some intriguing methods in which to play melodic percussion from our iPads. The app is 33% off for the introductory price and will cost you $3.99 currently.

Mersenne main.pngThe app supports Inter-App-Audio, AudioBus, CoreMIDI, VirtualMIDI and is at its heart a polyphonic synth. There is an included arpeggiator as well as chorus, delay and reverb.

Not much else can be found on their website but this is from IceGear Instruments which is the same company who has brought us several other popular apps. Laplace and Lorentz alongside Cassini, Xenon and Argon. So these guys are not new to the iOS world of music making.

Here is a YouTube demo from an artist that you can find on SoundCloud who goes by the name of Aero Finback….


Aero Finback on SoundCloud….


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