Emerging Tech Music Teachers Should Be Taking Advantage Of! – SoundPrism Link Edition 

  There have been some wonderful emerging technologies that will be changing the way we are able to teach music. 

Abelton Link is one of those technologies. The short explanation here is that Link hooks up the metronomes and timelines in your devices WITH OUT WIRES! This has been one of those issues I’ve been facing with my electronic music ensemble… Lots of apps that do sweet things but many times there is a metronome/tempo involved! That’s all good when playing by yourself but try to sync 10 people together is an entirely different story! 

Not as much though now!

Another tech that we music teachers must take advantage of is the ability for students to create very engaging music through the use of apps! Through the use of apps that are NOT designed around the traditional piano keyboard or guitar even. I love having really young nieces around that play with my music apps, my own daughters play with them too. Because I watch them I learn some new thought. 


 Apps such as SoundPrism rocks! Now with the release of SoundPrism Link edition it will be even better because now kids can play on several devices with several different apps all Link’d together and staying in sync with each other….. Picture one kid running Patterning with one set of drums rolling, another kid using Fugue and a third using SoundPrism Link Edition…. It’s gonna get REAL, real fun, real fast!

There are several versions of SoundPrism available but the Link Edition is really going to make collaborative music making interesting. I know I will be now using this alongside Patterning in my upcoming performance with Melodic Fusion (our schools electronic music ensemble). 

SoundPrism Link Edition is $4.99

SoundPrism Bundle is only $12.99!

Patterning is an app I mentioned above – Drum programming like you’ve never seen before. I’ve written about it before. Also Link enabled!

Fugue is also mentioned above and is 


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