Staff Wars Released for iOS – Great News for Every Music Teacher!

The Music Interactive has had quite a few apps available through the years on Mac and PC to help students learn music better. One of those great apps has been Staff Wars and Staff Wars v2 and now they are not available on iOS for iPad as well as working on iPhone too!

Staff War IconStaff Wars – $0.99

StaffWars Live Icon.pngStaff Wars Live – $0.99

The big distinction between the two versions of Staff  Wars and Staff Wars Live is that you have to actually PLAY your instrument in order to play Staff Wars Live whereas you simply tap an answer in the other. Each would of course have it’s play in different classrooms and settings.


The premise is simple… open the app, select your clef and range. Then you have to select what note is being displayed before it hits you clef.

Staff Wars Splash.png

If you do indeed fail your mission of blowing up the whole note (think more like asteroid) then it hits your clef, blows up and you loose points!

Staff Wars1.png


This version ups the ante by requiring the students (um…. player) to play the correct note on their instrument. Again, you select your Key, which scale you are focusing on and which instrument you will be playing. I’m not so sure that I really understand the reasoning behind the sorting of the instruments list but this is a small point for TMI to work on.

Staff Wars Live1.png

Once the game is started the fun… er, testing… begins….

Staff Wars Live 2.png


I know that this will soon become on of the games my kids are begin to play as they try to beat each others scores in class! The more we can make learning “fun” the more they will want to explore and learn on their own. It has to be our goal to get students working and exploring on their own! They should not need a teacher standing there guiding them every step of the way but they do need a draw to entice them to play. Students love playing games so in this case…. Staff Wars is a huge win for everyone! Especially since the price of this app is $0.99! Now if only each one of my kids could sign in with their own name and have the app keep track of their points.


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