Attention Band Directors- NinGenius is on sale! 

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.01.45 PMIf you are a band director the NinGenius Studio app has GOT to be in your list of apps that you can not do without. Here is my original post form May. This is one of the most used apps in my room. Kids ask to take their tests!

NinGenius SCHOOL EDITION – $8.99

There are three versions of the app. Teachers should get the School Edition version as it allows access to ALL instruments fingerings  as well note names!

NinGenius Music StudioThe STUDIO EDITION  $4.99 right now ($9.99 usually) allows unlimited students to play and test on ONE instrument, which is chosen at startup – not one different per student. One instrument to be used by ALL students

NinGenius Student.pngThe STUDENT EDITON is $0.99 right now ($2.99 usually) This is the app for students to get when they want to practice their fingerings and note names.


3 thoughts on “Attention Band Directors- NinGenius is on sale! 

  1. 1- Paul…I am great friends and colleagues with the developers of NinGenius. It has turned out great. 2 years ago they we’re selling fingering chart flashcards. I had to convince them that going to an app would be much more practical for today’s student. A few months later they came out with this. My students love it. We have had contests with our iPad lab and had a blast. My beginners learn their main fingerings in the first few minutes of their first class.

    2- last week I was in Louisville for the Jazz Education Network conference.

    World renowned vibraphonist Stefon Harris presented a clinic. I did not attend that session but several of my friends did and came out of it raving about a new app that was being approved at that moment in the App Store. It has just come out.

    This is a new must have. It is called Harmony Cloud. It reminds me of tomato but at a whole new level for the ear. I just downloaded a few minutes ago and I’m now sending you a message to go and get it fast. People need to know about this. Make sure you watch a few of the inspiring video links. They explain how to use the app.

    This app might already be the ultimate harmonic and ear training app. I am excited to start using it. It makes me feel like a beginner.


    Dave Faires


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