It’s Christmas Time – That means amazing apps on sale!

It’s that time of the year! Christmas!

There are some amazing sales on music performance apps. I will try to divide them up so it’s easier to figure out what might interest you.

First of all – If you do not own AudioBus for some reason you NEED to get this app. It is one way to start using multiple apps at the same time on iOS – for instance running an instrument app like SynthMaster Player into an effects app like Swoopster and then into a DAW app like Cubasis! Outstanding! Plus the new trick that AudioBus has learned is that it is now a controller for the new technology called Ableton Link which is outstanding. Read about it here.

  • AudioBus small iconAudioBus
  • MiMixx.pngMiMixx – allows for mixing of the multiple apps you are running at one time.

KORG – Korg apps are on a 50% sale until the 28th! Many of the IAP purchases are also on sale! I think these apps stand out for three reasons 1) Some of the Korg apps are supporting the new Abelton Link technology! (Read here) 2)The brand new iDS-10 for iPhone has an amazing vocoder built in that will sing your words! Outstanding synth besides that and 3)Wow, just wow on most of these apps – to buy the actual hardware that these apps emulate would cost a fortune but these apps, especially on sale price, are more than worth it!

Here they are listed in order of most useful to a music educator…

Another wonderful app with a ton of great sounds is the SynthMaster Player App. This app gives you a bunch of sounds that are absolutly free. Then if you purchase the Pro upgrade you get something like 800 total amazing sounds to play with! There are a bunch of IAP sound banks for sale in here too – most of which are all 50% off right now!

Then there are the IK MultiMedia Apps… most of which are on a 50% sale alogn with many of the In-App-Purchases which are all outstanding! In fact if you are looking for strings then get SmapleTank and then MiroSlav Philharmonik Mobile Edition!

Then the Drum apps….

Other amazing instrument apps…

  • iSEM Small Iconitem -$4.99 –  Sonic wow factor right here! Hook it up to a sound system!
  • Addictive Synth SmallAddictive Synth – $4.99- Warning – see the name…..? Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Good news is you won’t get arrested for this addiciton but your spouse may not like it!
  • iMini SmalliMini – $4.99
  • iProphet SmalliProphet – $4.99
  • HeavyBrass IconHeavy Brass – Intro price until the 31st of $9.99 – amazing brass sounds in this app!
  • Tera Synth SmallTera Synth – $9.99 (50% off)
  • Poseidon SynthPoseidon Synth – $9.99 Introductory price
  • microtera smallmicro TERA – $4.99
  • CubeSynth SmallCube Synth – $5.99
  • Fugue Machine.pngFugue Machine – $7.99 – this is a nifty app, one of the only apps to have multiple playheads (allows you to play several parts at different speeds and directions! Wicked awesome!)
  • Lorentz.pngLorentz – $3.99
  • LaplaceLaplace – $3.99
  • bismark bs-16i.pngbismark bs-16i – $3.99

Then there are some sweet apps for the adventureous people that really like to manipulate and twist their music…

What about apps that are just plain fun to generate music from that have a different interface and are easy to figure out. Great apps for ANYONE (like even elementary kids or non-music students)

Vocalists can’t be left out either…

Effects Apps – These are so easy to use in the Effects slots of other apps, using either AudioBus or Inter-App-Audio. (The top six here are for iPad at $3.99 but the iPhone version is available for $1.99)


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