Creating Music on an iPad1 – Amazing List of Potential Here!

Over on the AudioBus Forums there is quite an interesting thread running right now about what music apps can still be run on an iPad1.

iPad1’s are cheap even when you buy one with a ton of memory! They still run like they did “back in the day” – you know 5 years ago? They are so useful for music creation!

Try this list out…. (A bunch of which are on sale currently!)

  • iSem
  • ModStep – (MIDI Only)
  • Addictive Synth
  • Animog
  • Arctic Keys
  • Audioshare
  • Beatmaker2
  • BeBot
  • bs16i
  • Chordian
  • Chordbot
  • DM1
  • Drum Jam
  • Galileo
  • Grain Science
  • iFretless Bass/Guitar
  • iMini
  • iPolysix
  • Loopy HD
  • Magellan
  • Midimux
  • Nano studio – AMAZING APP
  • nlog pro
  • Orphan
  • Rebirth
  • Sunrizer
  • Thor
  • Thumb jam
  • TriqTraq
  • Samplr
  • 76 Synthesizer


MIDI apps such as TB Midi Stuff, SoundPrism Pro, MIDI Designer Pro, Chordion, Genome, Lemur

Drum machines, Impaktor, Funkbox, MoDrum, Drum Jam

SheetMusic Readers – UnRealBook

You absolutely have to take a look at the capabilities of an iPad1 processor – no AudioBus chains are going to work. You also have to understand that you will only be able to run something like iOS5.1.1



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