Box Capture – A new app for TEACHERS (well, they think business but…)

Box Capture Icon.pngBox has been around for years and is a super useful online storage option that works very much like DropBox or Google Drive.

If you haven’t played with it you should as a teacher. Hopefully you have an idea of how these type of cloud storage services can benefit you as a teacher and individual!

If you had not seen it already Box released a new app called Box Capture Icon.png Box Capture and it is free. I think this is going to be very handy!

As a Band Director for instance – a huge part of my job is keeping track of who has which school instrument, when they borrowed it, what condition was it in and when they return it. I also am constantly loaning things out like music scores, CD’s, DVD’s and other equipment. It is hard to keep track of all that stuff if you don’t have a way to QUICKLY make a note and then later be able to fill in the details.

SOLUTION – I have used FileMaker for years and will continue to do so in these situations. You simply can NOT beat an excellent database for this sort of job. BUT the problem is that I need a faster solution in the heat of the moment to take a quick note of what is going on.

ENTER BOX CAPTURE – Now with Box Capture (by the way there is both an iPhone app as well as an iPad app) I force my solution to be a quick snapping of a picture of a student holding the instrument/CD/DVD and then that gets synced to my Box folder along with a quick note. One of the beautiful things here is that this picture DOES NOT get saved to my camera roll! Hallelujah! No more work pictures mucking up my latest family pics of us cutting down our Christmas tree!

SHARING IS CARING they say – well, since Box allows me to share anything in my Box folder… I can quickly type in @ along with the persons name I want to notify about a picture that I have shared and they will be notified that I have tagged them. So now when I have to send my uniform seamstress a message about how much to turn up a uniform… boom, open Box Capture, take a photo (or video), tag that person and we now have a visual!

SUMMARY – if you have ideas of how this app might help you in your teaching please leave me a comment below!

If you have never tried Box then go to and sign up for a free personal account giving you 10 GB’s of storage space.




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