Heavy Brass App by CrudeByte – NEW App Arrives

HeavyBrass Icon.pngHeavy Brass is on an Introductory Sale Price of $9.99 (Later it will jump to $19.99) – I do have to say that as of right now there are NO IAP’s so all sounds/features are included in this price. Thank YOU!

Anyone looking for an app that can produce some remarkable brass sounds should take a serious look at a new app that has just been released by CrudByte. CrudByte has a few other apps out already so they are well versed in how to put together an app that gives the serious musician an app they can actually use to make music!

I do have to say that this app is aimed at those looking for brass of the type you would find in funk, pop and soul music. You are not going to be using this app for Pachelbels’ Canon probably.

This app would be awesome to give to a live performance group to use at your next concert! How much fun would that be!? What you are going to want to do is use this app as a virtual sound machine that gives you some brilliant brass sound rivaling live brass. I like using other apps like Geo SynthesizerGeoSynth or an external keyboard would work to play these sounds too! Geo Synth allows anyone to play music without having to fully understand a piano interface.


You have Trumpets, Trombones and Saxophones inside this app in three different configurations – Single, Switches, and Combis.

There are 17 Single sounds  here that give you the base sounds you would expect.

The Switches are where it really gets interesting – there are 5 base sounds (basically section sounds – Brass section 1, 2, 3, 4 and then a Crescendo sound) BUT then you can switch to 4 other sounds by either key velocity or mod wheel – Shaker, Growl, Doiks and Falls.

Lastly there are 16 combo sounds that are combinations of the singles sounds alongside the ability to switch sounds through key velocity/round robin or crossfade with the mod wheel.


  • You are able to get up to 16 parts and 140 voices with CrudeBrass(with an iPad Air)! Astonishing. Even on the iPad 1 you get  40 stereo voices!
  • There is a scale mode and also access to a tuning feature allowing you to tweak the tuning from well-tempered to Oriental to other tuning modes.
  • Internal effects
  • Audiobus, Inter App Audio, JACK Audio, MIDI support and background audio
  • On screen keyboard that is scalable, scrollable and supports velocity even – so in other words you COULD use just the app to perform with but…..

CrudByte has this app alongside several others. All the apps they produce have amazing sound that you can use in so many circumstances – live performances with band, choir, general music or on a song you are recording/composing in your classroom or for you next being CD release. The apps are versatile and easy to understand how the sounds would fit into the music.

Oriental Strings Icon.pngOriental Strings $9.99 would be amazing for helping students study Oriental sounds and music.

iSymphonic Orchestra Icon.pngiSymphonic Orchestra at $29.99 is an insane price to ask for an iPad app until you understand what it does. The name makes it pretty self explanatory in what it does but the sound quality is what you are paying for. This quality of a sound set usually comes at a much higher price than only $30.


Take a look at the demo video for Heavy Brass by the SoundTestRoom (If you have any questions about almost ANY music app the SoundTestRoom probably has a demo for it by the way)….



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