My Thoughts on iPad Pro

Ok, let’s set aside price and the fact that it is missing 3D Touch – which seriously, I don’t think iPadPro is getting until a few generations down the road.

Let’s set aside the whole “It can not replace my laptop/desktop”.

Here’s where MY thoughts begin and end…

Pro next to Air2.jpg

That is iPadPro next to iPadAir2 and I’ve got to tell you that for music reading the Pro is going to be amazing! The score you see is a pretty typical High School Band score and it is very readable, finally!

Of course, now we get into the whole discussion of what am I using technology for? As a replacement for what I can already do with current tools that have been around for years? Well, I’m here to tell you…. if I don’t have to have folders and folders of music scores to keep track of then my life has just gotten remarkably better.

End of discussion. (wait… does someone want to give me a Christmas present?)


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