Kuvert:Swedish Envelopes – Like Swedish meatballs but way better for music!

Doing a live performance and want to manipulate the sound? How about that sweet riff you just recorded… Want to mess with people's minds and alter that in ways not possible with traditional instruments?

Kuvert:Swedish Envelopes is available for the great introductory price of $4.99 until December 1 when it will be $7.99

Klevgrand Produktion AB has brought us another amazing effects app – Kuvert: Swedish Envelopes – and I think it just might be interesting to use this live! In fact I think the next concert we do we will use this just to try it out!

Here's the blurb from the App Store… Then a video at the end….

Kuvert defines a whole new way of dealing with effects. In short, Kuvert allows you to draw five different envelopes. These envelopes control different effect parameters, and can be drawn freely or onto a grid. The envelopes are looped, while the incoming audio isn’t (unless you’re feeding it looped material of course). This is a powerful & fun way of altering your sounds to reach a whole new level, sometimes not even recognizable! Thanks to the looping nature of the plug-in, it will fit very well into any musical context. One way of using it would be to revitalize any looped material (such as beats) within just a few seconds






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