iMaschine 2 is here! Very Attractive for Music Composition and a Very Nice Intro Price!

iMachine2 intro price -$4.99! Ultimate Expansion Pack intro price -$1!

(Normal price will be $9.99 for each!)

How do you get kids composing, creating, playing and exploring? Give them some inspiring tools, some technology that allows for easy manipulation and creation. Native Instruments has been around for a long time creating hardware and software. They also are releasing apps for iOS devices, like iMaschine2.

iMaschine 2 gives you and your creative mind a way to create music anywhere, easy ways to rearrange those ideas that pop into your mind and then allows you to share your explorations with others. After all, what fun is music that you keep to yourself!? Give your students a real audience by making it easy for them to push their newly created masterpiece out to their friends, family and your community.

Seeing as how this app gives your kids an easy method of sampling and recording they will be fusing electronic alongside their voice/instruments without thinking twice about it.


You get pads, keys, step sequencer, arranger, a smart keyboard, sampler, and some really pretty colors in this new version. The smart play keyboard gives you a way to play chords, arpeggios and scales, all leading to more ways to get something that sounds “right”. If you have an iPhone6s you even get to make full use of the multitouch capabilities! iMaschine2 is one of the first apps to really dig in and use this new tech in a music app. Multitouch gives you a way to play different velocities, will change the repeat rate on the pads and gives you instant access through use of pop up menus.

Here is a list of features from the App Store


  • The Arranger lets you turn your loops and scenes into full tracks with the swipe of a finger
  • Create different patterns for each group and arrange your scenes
  • Step Mode lets you quickly create beats without finger drumming
  • The Smart Play keyboard lets you play chords, melodies, and basslines that are always in-key
  • The arpeggiator lets you add dynamic motion to your tracks
  • Multi-colored pads and groups help you better organize your sounds
  • Quick Actions with Apple 3D Touch help you optimize your workflow with shortcuts*
  • 3D Touch lets you control the velocity or rate of note repeat depending on how hard you press the screen, bringing you closer to a true hardware experience*
  • Major library update, now including over 300 MB of content: 19 projects, 38 drum kits, and over 750 samples
  • Open your existing iMASCHINE projects effortlessly in iMASCHINE 2
  • Expand your sonic arsenal with ULTIMATE COLLECTION – 36 iMASCHINE Expansion packed into one ultra-affordable bundle

Features like this don't usually come cheap but until December 1 they do! Currently iMaschine2 is at an intro price of $4.99 after the 1st it will go to the normal price of $9.99! The news gets even better in that the Ultimate Collection of ALL 36 iMaschine Expansions packed into one bundle is also at an introductory price of $1 the normal price will be $9.99!

I love this video from the first version of iMacschine – it really shows the possibility of this app for musician/dancers!



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