Synthecaster App Free – Musicians and Music Students Act NOW!


Synthecaster – FREE (normally $0.99)

Giving our students an app on the iPad/iPhone that produces some pretty interesting music is an easy task! Unfortunately some of those apps don't give you a very playable surface!

Synthecaster is an app that helps solve that issue. Not only can it be easily layer, it also is a polyphonic synthesizer that produces some great music on its on! Even better though is the fact that you can use this app to control other apps through the use of virtual MIDI!

I love being able to use the touch interface and sensors of iOS to create, perform and manipulate music in ways not easily done in the past. Synthecaster used Motion Modulation to add this additional level of control and expressiveness. How Motion Modulation works:

– Any slider-based synth parameter with blue or green text can be tapped to view its motion settings

– The parameter can be modulated by the device’s roll (tilting vertically clockwise or counterclockwise) or pitch (tilting upward or downward)

– The position of the parameter’s slider is the base setting for the parameter

– Tilting the device modulates the value either from its base setting to its minimum or maximum setting depending on the tilt, the modulation amount, and the modulation direction.

The app was released in 2013 and is now up to version 3.2 which means the developer is actively supporting and developing the app!

The other nice fact is that this app would be so easy to use as an app to teach the basics of synthesis and sound design! Watch a few of the videos that are on the developers website to see some of the capabilities!

EVERY musician should grab this while it is free – it'd be worth it at the regular price of a buck too!



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