SynthMaster App Contest – Go Vote For Your Favorite Track (HELP ME WIN!)

SynthMaster Player LargeHave you voted for my song in this contest yet? It’d be awesome if you would! (ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO VOTE!!!!!)

SynthMaster Player (Free Basic Set Of Sounds) is a great app with an amazing set of tonal choices! Of course you get quite a few sounds with the initial purchase and then even some more upon registration. Then there are always the IAP’s to build an even greater arsenal of choices. All of these pieces were composed for this contest by iPad musicians using basically just the SynthMaster App. You were allowed to use external drum apps and effects along with the recording process of your choice. I would dare say that most of the musicians here choose to use a DAW on their iPad along with either Inter-App-Audio or AudioBus to pump the sound from SynthMaster into their DAW.

Patterning Large IconAll of my drums for this tune were from the Patterning App – this app is SO much fun to sequence and create drum patterns on! Why in the world didn’t someone come up with an app like this before? I’ve already written about this app here

Anyways – You have to hit the “Like” button for the one you want to vote for (Hint…. scroll down to find my name )! You will have to have a SoundCloud Account I think to do this.

It’s pretty cool that music of this caliber can all be created with apps on our iPads!


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