Composition with iPad and a few Apps

Here is my latest exploration of the amazing apps we have available on iPad for creating music!

Patterning Large IconFirst app I used was Pattering – a circle of outstanding fun and entertainment that I just wrote about a few days ago. All the drums came out of this app (well except a few cymbals and hand claps)

SynthMaster Player LargeSecond app was SynthMaster Player – all other sounds are from this app.

GarageBand iOS IconThird app  – I had to of course use an app to record the fun in so I fired up GarageBand and AudioBus RemoteAudioBus

Audio Mastering Small IconFourth app – At the very end I ran it all through AudioMastering to bump levels up and set some overall EQ and stereo imaging.

(I did dump the iPad GarageBand file over to my laptop for some final editing in Logic. There ended being a ton of tracks and a whole wheel barrow full of sounds that I used. Since I have to list all the sounds that I used I just found it a lot quicker to sort it all out on a bigger screen.)

Take a listen and see what you think – turn it up and put it through some good headphones or speakers!


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