My Most Used Music Apps – UnRealBook and ForScore both updated today!

unrealBook   ForScoreIt is unreal how many musicians still aren’t aware of apps like UnRealBook and ForScore! These are iPad toting musicians too!

Using my iPad for reading my sheet music is one of THE reasons I bought an iPad! Back in the very beginning we had to wait for musicians to develop us an app made for musicians! Aron Nelson was one of the first with his UnRealBook. ForScore is a team of developers and they soon came along. GigBook would be a third app I’d suggest as a possibility for storing all your digital sheet music in.

These apps are being used every day by real musicians who perform, teach and just play music for the fun of it. Billy Joel is using UnRealBook on his tour in fact! UnRealBook is one of the apps that still supports the iPad1!

Anyways – back to the news of today – UnRealBook Small IconUnRealBook gets a small update and ForScore Small IconForScore gets a massive update taking it to version 9.

What’s New in Version 9.0

• Set goals and gain valuable insights into your playing habits with the new Dashboard feature
• Place Buttons anywhere on a page to change the tempo, control audio playback, send MIDI commands, and more with a single tap
• Access forScore’s audio tools right from the main control bar and effortlessly switch between the metronome, pitch pipe, and tuner
• Organize your scores with a new “labels” metadata field, and rename most fields to better suit your needs
• Create stamps from images in your photos library, now up to 72 pixels wide and tall (or 144 pixels for Retina displays)
• Open files almost instantly with smart on-disk caching of the first page of your most commonly viewed scores
• Customize your forScore experience with new full-screen menu and metronome sound options in the Accessibility section of the settings panel
• Add delays between sent MIDI commands to ensure that your device handles instructions properly
• Use the setlist creator to add bookmarks to your setlist even if the “score menu includes bookmarks” setting is disabled
• Reuse your favorite colors with saved swatches, available in all of forScore’s color pickers


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