Reminder – Don’t get crazy and try iOS9 public beta UNLESS….

if you are like most humans you want that new shiny operating system…. Yu  know the one that Apple put out a PUBLIC BETA for. Come on…. It can’t be THAT bad can it? Why would Apple let ANYONE download it then?

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again right now! Don’t do it if your one iPad you have available to you is the lifeblood of your current gig! Like me, I’m getting ready for band camp and school. You might have an upcoming concert that you are going to use your iPad for PDF sheet music with an app like ForScore. Or what about using an app like Cubasis as backing tracks for your solo gig next Friday. These things are our lifeblood.

D O     N O T    U P D A T E to the beta! Not everything is working yet!

Just wanted to be nice and remind you…. Let us other crazy people work out the kinks. For now watch the pretty movies and read the shiny Apple website to fulfill your wanton desire for the shiny new stuff!


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