MoneyWiz 2 On Sale! Perfect App for Teachers To Track Finances (Personal or School)

MoneyWiz 2MoneyWiz 2 is one of those apps that is very important to have in your arsenal of tools to help make your life easier.

MoneyWiz 2 is on sale today only for $0.99!


I still remember the speech my first principal gave me about my budget – “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t ask for more!”

MoneyWiz 2 helps me keep track of the money I spend in my band budget. It has everything available to you that you would need! I set up my Budget, create transactions, assign categories, run reports and keep it all in sync between my iPad, iPhone and Mac. If I had an Apple Watch I’d have it all on there as well!

MoneyWiz 2 is available at normal price for $4.99 on iOS and Android

MoneyWiz 2 is available on Mac OS X for $19.99

MoneyWiz 2 is available on Windows Desktop as well for $19.99

MoneyWiz will soon be released for the Apple Watch


MoneyWiz2 Screen

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